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July 26

To Wrap or not to wrap – your company vehicle/fleet

2016-06-29 16.52.25

In this post, I would like to discuss the importance of using your company car or fleet to advertise your business.

We see them everyday, on our roads, car parks and parked up down the street. That’s right, vehicles with sign writing on them. They vary in size, colour and design, yet they are designed to do one thing, STAND OUT.

Yes, that’s right, STAND OUT.

You know what a Police car or an Ambulance or even a Fire Engine looks like? Yes, because they have signage on them. And over time you get to recognize them. The same goes with company logo’s and names.

Do you know what Spark’s logo looks like? How about some of the bigger companies? Think about the everyday products or services that you use and the companies behind them. Do you know their logo’s and by lines? Would you recognize them if you saw them? Probably.

So, when it comes your company logo and name, how would people identify with it if they don’t see it that often, or ever.

Take us, Design Tints.

Before I joined the company, I had never heard of them. I asked around about them, no one that I knew had ever heard of them, let alone seen them or know what they do.

When I got my job as Sales & Marketing manager, I was given my company car. Nice car, a Gold Holden Cruze. It had our logo on it with a bit of writing on the bottom of the doors. It didn’t stand out, it didn’t speak to me, it didn’t excite me. One of the first things I did after starting, was to mention to my boss that I wanted to wrap the car with a design that would get people talking about it. Make it “pop” create conversation and hopefully get our name out there.


So finally in June, we started to wrap my car. We had designed something that we thought was cool, drew attention and got people talking. People can’t believe that it is wrapped. They think that we painted it, such a good job.

See the pictures.

2016-06-29 16.51.52 2016-06-29 16.52.25Car 3






After a few weeks, our suppliers were asking me about the car, who wrapped and designed it etc. They loved it as it was different. They saw our company in a different light. I have seen our competitors vehicles, they have nothing on us with this new design. I also felt proud driving around in this because I knew that people were looking at the car. I have had a lot of comments about it and inquiries about where they can get their cars or boats done. Of course I tell them that we can do it. The wrap is creating exactly what I was looking for – engagement with a customer.

Here are some reasons why you should be looking at using your car or fleet to promote your business.

1/  Gain Brand awareness

Customers are more likely to hire you if they are familiar with or aware of your brand.  People like to go with what they know.  By simply driving around, you are getting hundreds of eyes on your brand every day, effectively building your brand awareness.

2/ Builds Trust

Building trust with customers is important because it is the single most important factor in a customer’s decision to buy.

By simply displaying your company information on your vehicle, it helps demonstrate that you are serious and established.  You are showing your customer that this is what you do and you take it seriously.  A well branded vehicle will help a customer to trust that you will do good work for them.

3/ Increases Authority

When a random stranger sees your branded work truck, they will almost always assume you know more than they do.  Even if you don’t.  They are more likely to respect your knowledge and listen to what you have to say.  The more authority you have, the more you can influence others.  Possessing influence helps you sell and just feels good.

4/ Cost effective advertising

Whenever you  are out on the road, you can have a lot more eyes on your car than most other forms of advertising. It’s out there 7 days a week. People see it even when they are not looking for your service or product.  While prices may vary, to wrap a car with a design would cost you around $3500.00. Done. Over a year, that’s under $10 a day for advertising. Depending on your product or service that you provide, this investment could repay itself within 2 or 3 jobs. I know with our company, we have already paid it off with the number of jobs we have obtained from customer’s who have seen our car. The car is should be part of your marketing strategy. It should help support other advertising that you have out there.

It is always important to ask customer’s who call you as to where they got your name and number from. You will be surprised at the result.

There are many other reasons why you should do this, but these are just a few.


Here is another example of a customers vehicle that we have wrapped. Can you guess what he does?

DSC03441 2 DSC03443



So the question is: To wrap or not to wrap?

The whole idea of this is to create “chatter”. Engage the public, get them talking about your car or vehicle. If they see if often enough, they will soon start to recognize your vehicle and brand. And when it come time to use a product or service, hopefully you would have made such an impact with your vehicle that they remember you and  look you up .

I have used this method myself when choosing suppliers, simply because I saw a vehicle advertising a service that I needed and I didn’t have one in mind, so I called them and they got the job. Remember, get customers talking about your vehicle design.

If you wish to discuss this further, get in touch with me and let’s discuss what you are looking for.

We have a good team of graphic designers and installers that will look after you every step of the way.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and it has been helpful for you.


Design Tints


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