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September 8

Thinsulate has arrived


Back in May, we highlighted this new product coming out of 3M, Thinsulate.

Well, it has finally arrived.

While most of the applications have been for domestic use, we are starting to see the commercial market pick up on it.

Design Tints is happy to announce that we are the first company in New Zealand to install Thinsulate into a commercial environment.

Our customer has an issue with fluctuating temperatures within their office tower due to the sun and the positioning of their windows. This meant that in the morning, with north facing windows, the temperature in the office rose and the air conditioning units were working hard to keep the temperature at cool levels. When the sun moves to the west, it has the same effect.

Our customer has decided to test this product by installing Thinsulate on 4 windows, in the corner of one office, with two windows facing north and two facing west. The person in this space often complained of the heat and cold depending on the season. The install was completed two weeks ago and already they are giving us great feedback on the difference the film is making. With the film in place, they are now able to control the temperature and keep it at a comfortable level without the air conditioning units working hard. The employee is now comfortable and able to work more effectively. Other employee’s visiting this area notice  a notable difference in the temperature compared to their areas. Here is what the client has to say about it;

Thanks for organizing the installation of that film on the windows. It’s made a big difference, both in terms of cutting down the glare and also the amount of heat let in. I can now work at my desk without having the blind down the whole day.”

“I found that the average temperature in the area was more controlled and we had lower window temperatures on comparison to windows not having the Thinsulate on it.”

“The product has cut down our call out rate for this area and we will be looking at using this in other areas.”

While data is still being collected, the engineers and management are happy with the feedback and results so far. So much in fact that they decided to test another area with west facing windows.

In this scenario, there is a set of 6 windows. We have installed Thinsulate onto 3 windows on one side. This will enable people to notice the difference as they walk pass them or stand in front of them.


This is just the start.

The results that we are starting to see confirm that this product has a big future here in New Zealand.

This product is ideal for high rise buildings, building with lots of glass, buildings with problems retaining heat or cool air and homes.

We will keep you posted as we start to collect data from this test, maybe you might know someone who is looking for a product like this.

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