Safety Window Films

"Duty of care" is a statement used more than ever in modern society. From simple awareness of possible danger, to complex threat assessment, building managers must consider the safety of people in and around the built environment.

Glass is often considered the weakest point in a building. Windows that break in extreme climatic conditions or as a result of terrorist action can cause major damage and serious injury. Flying sharp shards of glass can be avoided by installing clear window film, designed to maintain the pane in one piece following impact.

Design Tints provides a range of films to deal with the specific nature of any threat. From film designed to bring old glass up to current AS/NZS 2208, to bomb blast film for high threat public spaces, there is an advanced solution to meet your risk assessment.

Graffiti and vandalism are unfortunately growing issues in the community. For facility mangers, this problem causes visual damage to buildings and structures and usually demands costly removal.

An innovative approach to the problem sees clear anti-graffiti film installed onto glass, stainless steel, marble or Perspex to protect the substrate from damage by absorbing the graffiti into the film. Removal and replacement of film makes economic sense and insures quick response to the visual aspect of the problem.

Design Tints can provide a cost effective anti-graffiti and vandal protection program for your building or structure before this malicious problem damages more than just your bank account.