At Design Tints, we provide a full range of window film and tint solutions. This includes a wide selection of products and solutions to choose from.

Tint Company Albany

We also offer bespoke window film solutions as well as installation.

This is why we are the window tint company of choice in Albany. Our customers include homeowners, businesses, landlords, architects, interior designers, marketing agencies, construction companies, and more.

They trust us because of the range of products and services we offer as well as the quality of our workmanship. They also trust us because of the professionalism and reliability of our service.

You can expect exactly the same standards when you come to us for a window film solution in Albany. Call today on 09 263 0505 to discuss your requirements and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Window Film Albany

Our window film solutions are available wherever you are located in Albany. They include:

  • Privacy solutions – cloaking window film solutions in addition to fully opaque window films
  • Decorative solutions – coloured window tints, frosted glass, signage solutions, wall graphics, and more
  • Safety solutions – window films that prevent glass from breaking or shattering as well as anti-graffiti solutions
  • Comfort enhancing and energy-efficient solutions – thermal window films to prevent heat loss and solar window films to reduce heat build-up from the sun

Call us on 09 263 0505 to get a quote.