Environmental Policy

Design tints are dedicated to promoting and maintaining environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of suppliers, contractor’s employees and customers. Design tints will conduct business in a manner of promoting growth whilst recognizing the importance being good stewards of the environment.

As part of the Environmental Management System, the management of Design tints will set and review environmental policies on a regular basis, and we will ensure they are understood by all stakeholders.

This is achieved by:

Following the standards of the Eco Warranty

Adhere to all relevant environmental legislative, regulatory and legal requirements.

Choosing suppliers that promote Environmental Awareness.

Ensuring our stakeholders are aware of good environmental practices

Reviewing our environmental impact and make changes to work practices through minimization programs to reduce, reuse or recycle and monitoring the impact of these changes.

Minimizing the emissions that contribute to climate change

All staff are required to give total support to the Environmental Management System, by ensuring complete adherence to the policies and common sense towards good environmentally friendly actions and behaviours and to actively participate with suggestions and ideas in protecting the environment for all to enjoy.

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