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April 11

Bang for your Buck

How installing window film can help you save money

We’ve talked a little about what factors to consider when choosing window film but how do you know if you are really going to save money? When people think of energy savings, window film is not always the immediate answer but it should be. In a residential environment the main uses of window film are for privacy and to reduce glare. However there is also a thermal component to solar films. They do reject some of the heat from outside and retain the warmth inside your home. This means that your heating and cooling systems do not have to work as hard.

In the office or commercial spaces, this also holds true. By installing window film, a lot of pressure is taken off of your HVAC system. This allows it to work more efficiently  and draw less power. That is a massive power saving over the whole building. However this is not the only way that window film can be used to improve the efficiency of your building. There is also 3M’s daylight redirecting film.

Daylight Redirecting Film

If you think about it, there is enough sunlight emitted during the day to light up your entire building. The issue is that there are other building also of a similar height which obstruct the natural light and the geometry of your floor, wall positions, furniture, etc… prevent sunlight from flooring the floor. 3M’s Daylight redirecting film is the only film of its kind on the market. It reflects light further inside the building than it would naturally penetrate. When used in conjunction with lux monitors or other devices which switch off the light when the lumens reach a certain level, that is another power saving you are making.

The Human Factor

The human factor is an interesting one to take in to account. Thermal and lighting influences are easy to calculate and BTU metres can be used to show temperature differences over the lifetime of a film. But how do humans play in to savings and ROI’s? The work force and schools rely on staff and students turning up daily. One of the causes for people not turning up is sickness. If a person’s health and wellbeing is connected to the environment that they are in, then improvements to the environment will improve mood, wellbeing and general productivity. Natural light, air quality (ventilation and HVAC systems) and thermal factors all play a role in human health. The installation of window film allows for more successful use of HVAC systems and daylight controls making for happy and healthier people.

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